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The GIVING TREEHOUSES Charitable Donation Program

SNOW BEAR CHALETS is partnering with non-profit charities to raise funds for so many in need. 

Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s ageless book, The Giving Tree, developer Gail Goodwin wanted to share the success of SNOW BEAR CHALETS to create more good in the world, and has dubbed the treehouses, “The Giving Treehouses”. Just as in the award-winning book where the tree gives continually, SNOW BEAR CHALETS offers fundraising solutions to needy charities, while providing a place for families and friends to create lifelong memories together in magical, luxurious, slopeside treehouses.


Option One: Rent our Cedar Chalet now!

SNOW BEAR CHALETS is donating 100% from all Cedar Chalet rentals through January 2020 to Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), a nonprofit organization that fights global poverty. Funding to IPA creates leverage so that each dollar’s impact gets multiplied many times over, rather than merely spent in the first year. This year three of IPA’s researchers, and two of its founding Board members, won the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics for their pioneering work to bring a scientific approach to fighting poverty in developing countries. Please join IPA to expand this Nobel-prize winning approach to tackling poverty:

Option Two: Feature a SNOW BEAR CHALETS vacation at your next LIVE auction:

As you can imagine, SNOW BEAR CHALETS receives many requests for vacations to be donated to worthy non-profit organizations. We are pleased to work with a limited number of non-profit organizations, aiding them in their fundraising endeavors. When doing so, we provide the non-profit organization the opportunity to obtain a SNOW BEAR CHALETS vacation at a greatly reduced cost in order to make a profit on its sale in a live auction. Please note that based upon our high occupancy, we regrettably can not offer a vacation to every non-profit organization that applies.

If you are interested in applying, please email and include the following information:

About the Charity Auction

  • Today’s Date:
  • Date, location of LIVE Auction:
  • Name of the benefiting non-profit:
  • Name/weblink of the Auction Event: (if any)
  • Per person ticket price to attend:
  • Number of attendees:
  • Contact name, telephone, email:

Option Three: Partner with SNOW BEAR CHALETS to Receive On-going Donations

Should your charity have a large email list of supporters, SNOW BEAR CHALETS is offering a generous 20% referral fee to the charity for introducing us to their donors.

Here’s what this opportunity looks like:

  • SNOW BEAR CHALETS provides email copy to your charity
  • The charity emails the copy to their donors
  • The donors get excited and book a vacation at SNOW BEAR CHALETS
  • We send a check to the charity for 20% of the gross rental amount received from the guests upon check-in

It’s a win/win for SNOW BEAR CHALETS, the donor and for the charity. With zero overhead and the opportunity to create a sustainable, repeat stream of revenue to the charity, many charities have already benefited from this program.


Email us at or call us for details at 406-848-1771. We’re here and happy to help support the good work you’re doing in the world!

We look forward to working with you and having The Giving Treehouses be a part of your next fundraising program!

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