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Snow Bear Chalets are still under construction, but I wanted to take a moment and say a great big THANK YOU to everyone on our team who is involved with bringing our tree houses to life.

Thanks first and foremost to my amazing husband, Darryl, who didn’t tell me I was too crazy when I told him I wanted to build the world’s first ski-in/ski-out treehouses, and build them on a slope at Whitefish Mountain Resort. Darryl, your support is appreciated so very much!

I’m grateful to my parents, Gordy and Joan, who although passed 5 years ago, always inspired me to dream big. Special thanks to my Dad, who gave me my insatiable love for building from the time I pounded nails with him as a little girl. (Is it normal to love the smell of plywood?) Mom and Dad, thanks for being our guardian angels and for watching this project from above. We miss you.

Thanks to Joyce Mitchell at Locations Montana for helping us find the property to build our tree houses. Thanks also to Stephanie and Mary Pat from Sotheby’s and to Dorinda at Insured Titles , to Olie at O.C. Land Surveying and to Dan at Whitefish Mountain Resort who helped us put the deal together. Again, we couldn’t have done this without you.

Next, thanks to Les, for your invaluable help and for your constant smile. I’m so grateful for your help!

Thanks to John and Mark at A2Z Engineering for making our treehouses safe, yet maintaining our design. We appreciate your structural expertise in helping us make our dream a reality.

Aaron, Ben from Dynamic Builders, and Lester from Dirty Boys Excavating, thanks for your expertise with the excavating and the creation of the parking pull outs.

To Meredith at Meredith Coopman Design, thank you for always smiling, and for always being there with a quick response to our interior design questions. You job is just about to start getting much busier, as we move from the shell to the inside of the chalets. What a joy you are to work with Meredith!

Thanks to Ray Faust at Whitefish Credit Union and to AJ King at Three Rivers Bank who believed in our vision from day one, and stood behind us with their support in purchasing the land and building the three treehouse chalets. We couldn’t have done this without you, so THANK YOU both!

To the team at Razorfrog Web Design, thank you for believing in this idea from the first phone call, and for your incredible talent in creating our website. You’re so much more than San Francisco’s #1 web design firm; I don’t think this project would have happened without your daily support in every way through every decision along the way. Thank you so very much!

Thanks to Elaine Starling, my daily accountability partner. We’ve talked for 10-15 minutes every morning Monday-Friday for the last 9 years. It’s your belief in me that keeps me going on days when I’m not sure what to do next. Thank you Elaine!

And last but not least, thank you to my family for your constant love and support. This is the biggest project I’ve ever developed and it has had it’s challenges. Dad, thanks for always believing in Darryl and me and being there for us, especially when it’s a project this crazy! Thank you also to Max and Kristan, Carly and Josh, Kathy and Dave and Johnny and Stephanie… each of you has been there for us, and we GREATLY appreciate your support and your loving kindness. We can’t wait to share this with you!

To everyone on the team who has been named, and for the countless others who I’m sure I forgot in this post (please forgive me), THANK YOU! This truly is a team project and we’re so grateful to all of you who are making this dream come true. We look forward to sharing the finished product with everyone in the coming months. This will most definitely be a project that we can all be proud of!


With gratitude and hugs,



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