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TRAVEL INSURANCE: We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance as there is no refund for cancellations, regardless of the reason.

Life happens and unexpected circumstances occur from time to time. While we are sympathetic, we are in the business of renting short-term luxury vacation rentals, and unfortunately, we’re not in the insurance business. Therefore, it’s up to you as the guest to insure your vacation, should you choose to do so.

We have made arrangements with Nationwide Insurance to offer full coverage that can be canceled for any reason, for about 10% of your vacation cost. You must purchase the travel insurance within 7 days of booking your reservation with us. Or, you can elect to insure only for medical reasons for about 5%. YOU choose the amount you wish to cover (perhaps airfare too?)

We hope you have safe and healthy travels and that your vacation is not impacted by weather, flight delays, illness, accidents, or anything else. But in the event it is, we highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Thank you for your understanding.

You can find the details and book travel insurance here.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance VIEW HERE