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Winter is coming and the snow has already started to fall at Whitefish Mountain Resort! Opening day for the ski resort is scheduled for December 7th, 2017… just a little more than 6 weeks from now. The snow making machines are already in place on the slopes, just waiting for the colder weather to make the light, fluffy snow that Whitefish Mountain is famous for.

It’s beautiful at Snow Bear at this time of the year! The tamarack trees have turned from dark green to brilliant yellows and golds, dotting the mountain side with splashes of brilliance. Tamarack is the only tree that looks like a conifer, but it’s actually a deciduous tree, losing all of its needles each autumn.

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The heavy snows will be here soon and the mountain will be ready for skiers! We still have several weeks available during the ski season, and we’re saving one or you.  To book your winter getaway now, just get in touch to reserve your week. We look forward to hosting you soon!

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