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What are your rates?

The rate varies by which chalet you choose, and with the specific season. Our least expensive rates are our off-season rates April-May and November through early December.

Not including our most in-demand holiday weeks, we think Snow Bear is quite reasonable with rates ranging from less than $100/night per person/night to as high as $299/per person/night (at full occupancy for the chalet). Please understand, we ONLY rent the entire chalet, so if you only have two guests, you’ll pay the full chalet rate as we can’t rent the other space to additional people. We’re more affordable when you fill the chalet and divide the cost between guests.

That being said, Snow Bear is not for everyone. It’s literally the ultimate in luxury living for those who choose a unique, decadent holiday experience. If you’re ready to be spoiled on a gorgeous mountain escape, regardless of the season, you’ve found the right place!

For current rates and details, please click the BOOK NOW button, input your dates and the current rates will be displayed for you.

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